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Gwen is a seasoned communications consultant currently based in Singapore. With over a decade's experience in roles across journalism, marketing, PR, and business development, she has established proven strategies to excavate and share stories of both people and brands.

As a writer, her articles have found a home in esteemed publications such as The Guardian, The Hong Kong Standard, Time Out,, and more. She was the recipient of the Media Publishers Association Singapore’s Journalist of the Year – Merit award in 2015. And in the sphere of marketing, she has worked with start-ups and MNCs to construct compelling narratives, fostering deep engagement while driving sales and attracting media attention.

Gwen is deeply involved in the arts community and currently leads OH! Stories, a non-profit specialising in audio immersive experiences, as its Business Development Director. She also recently founded Narratology, a communications agency that empowers clients across arts and culture, FMCG, travel and hospitality, and F&B to achieve business growth through impactful campaigns and initiatives.

Adaptable and empathetic, Gwen approaches each project with an open mind. Her attention to detail, coupled with excellent communication and management skills, ensures that she can bring valuable insights to help clients make and execute strategic decisions.

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