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Today’s organisations are faced with a complex and rapidly evolving environment where public policy, government regulations and public opinion matter more than before.


At Aroca Public Policy, we can help you navigate through the complexities and ultimately achieve your objectives. 


Our clients trust us to make sense of the politics behind government policies and advise them on the impact on their business. We specialise in assisting organisations in developing and executing strategies to advocate for their positions with government, community stakeholders and the broader public. 


We are driven by data and actionable intelligence. We can help your organisation to understand what your stakeholders across Government, Non Government Organisations (NGOs) and the general public are thinking. 


We do the heavy lifting to help you on your path to business success. We’re more than just a group of consultants - we’re the partners you need at your side.


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Provide advice on government policies and undertake assessments on the impact of current or future policies on your organisation.

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Provide expert advice on regulations that impact your organisation and support in advocacy to shape regulations and policies in line with your organisation's objectives.

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Assessment of the political environment and risks for your organisation.

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Building a strong case for your policies and positions through research and analysis.   

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Support you to develop and execute strategies to effectively engage with stakeholders in government to raise awareness about and advocate for your positions. 

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Building coalitions with third party stakeholders including NGOs, community groups and the broader public to strengthen your advocacy. 

What We Can Deliver for your team

  • Policy Briefs​

  • Stakeholder Mapping

  • Engagement Opportunities with Decision Makers

  • Policy Opinion Research 

  • Policy Assessment

  • Stakeholder Engagement Plans

  • White Papers

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