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ky NguyEn

Over his 30+ year career, Ky Nguyen has held senior roles across the public and private sectors, contributing greatly to Vietnam’s development. His experience spans humanitarian, political, socio-economic, intellectual property and business sectors. In March 2022, his efforts were formally recognised as an ‘Outstanding Contribution’ by the Vietnam Public Relations Network.


With extensive expertise in regulatory affairs, trade policy, social impact projects, market entry and business strategy, Ky’s work has contributed to the nationwide internet access launch in 1997, an anti-piracy enforcement campaign with full compliance across the public sector, and many multi-billion-dollar business entry projects. He has been instrumental in complex war legacy issues as well as greatly impactful public health and food production policies.    


Ky holds a B.Sc. in Aero and Hydrodynamics Engineering and Automation from Hanoi University of Science & Technology, a B.A. in English language and Russian language from the Hanoi Foreign Languages Teacher's Training University.

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