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Katelijne Lenaerts

Katelijne (Kat) Lenaerts has over 25 years’ experience in the business, government and NGO sectors in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Pacific, Australia and South America.


She has expertise in business strategy, opportunity analyses for market entry, feasibility studies as well as providing public policy advice.


She has held roles within Australia’s NGO sector and has been engaged as a business analyst and strategy expert by a wide range of clients, such as the United Nations Development Programme, the Asian Development Bank, Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade, the European Union, state, local government departments across Australia and multinational companies.


Kat defined her career by planning and starting a tourism business in a foreign country and building it into a multi-award winning and profitable company, divesting after eight years. She subsequently used this first-hand business experience to provide strategic advice to clients in domestic and international markets and expanded her expertise in a wide range of sectors.


Kat also provides advice and analysis for a number of clients in the Agriculture and FMCG sectors on how public policy and government regulations impact their business operations.


She has experience in co-design of projects and has previously worked as a project manager and technical advisor for complex multi-million-dollar donor funded projects.


Kat provides value to her clients by combining her systematic and analytical thinking capability acquired in her Engineering training with a human centred lens and commercial acumen.


Kat holds a M.Eng from Limburg University, Belgium (formerly called K.I.H.L) , an M.Sc from Leeds Metropolitan University, UK and a Grad Cert from  Flinders University in Australia.

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