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julian c. williamson

Julian Williamson is an investment manager with a specialized focus in bridging the gap between East and West. 


He has over 10 years of experience strategically executing targeted investment opportunities and connecting clients with forward-thinking solutions to complex problems. In his previous position, Julian actively identified and generated well structured business deals for high net-worth clients focusing on emerging markets and constantly outperformed their revenue goals. 


Julian has a deep knowledge of global financial markets, relevant industries, and commercial matters. This has led to his development of a far reaching client base across the United States, Hong Kong and London.


Julian began his career as the Head of Asset Management at AMC Wanchai Securities. He played a vital role in building two Securities and Futures Commission-licensed firms from the ground up, the first of which was successfully sold to a subsidiary of a large Chinese conglomerate. He was one of the first portfolio managers to lead their clients into the Solar and EV space in China. 


Julian holds a degree of International Relations and Global Business from the University of Southern California and speaks English & Cantonese.


Through his experience and understanding of the interconnectedness of Chinese political and economic policy, Julian brings a strong understanding and strategic analysis of the Chinese National People’s Congress and how it impacts the global business landscape for ACG’s clients.

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