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Ian is an agile and strategic leader with a proven track record of success across diverse industries and geographies. He has versatile expertise and ability to drive results and he brings a wealth of experience in general management, business development, and commercial operations.

With a relentless drive for excellence and a keen eye for opportunity, Ian has excelled in various leadership roles throughout his career. From overseeing operations in the hospitality sector to driving business growth in the digital technology space, he has consistently demonstrated his ability to adapt to new challenges and deliver impactful results.

In his most recent role as Managing Director at Adaptive Business Group in Singapore, Ian led the company's expansion across the Asia-Pacific region, achieving significant milestones and driving business success. Prior to this, he held leadership positions at The Specialized Group K.K. in Japan, where his work was integral to the growth and success of organisations within the hospitality and luxury fashion industries.

Leveraging his international exposure and versatile experience, Ian brings a diverse skill set and a global perspective to his work, driving projects and contributing to the success of his clients worldwide.

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