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ACG Adviser and Director of leading opinion research company Merdeka Center, Ben Suffian has released the first comprehensive poll for the upcoming election in Malaysia on 19 November.

It is filled with some very interesting findings:

· A majority (72%) of voters felt the country was headed in the wrong direction as opposed to only 20% who maintained that Malaysia remained on the right track, a view that was prompted by concerns over the state of the economy, political uncertainty arising from the upcoming elections and other topics such as corruption and inter-ethnic issues.

· The federal government’s approval rating presently stands at 31% with 60% reporting dissatisfaction.

· In terms of overall voting preference, 24% of respondents indicated they would support the ruling BN coalition, 13% for PN, 26% for PH with 31% undecided.

· The findings appear to indicate a decline in overt preference among Malay voters towards BN (32%) and a small increase towards PH (13%).


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